Moving Day

Immediately after we launched this site, we ran into major availability issues, so we’re working on a migration plan that we’ll be executing soon. We’re holding back on publishing additional content while we focus on getting this (and multiple other sites) successfully migrated. In the meantime, our Public Square will remain open, so please do pull up a chair over there and start a conversation.

In With the New…

Good riddance 2016…

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people that – like me – are not at all happy with the path we’re on. We all seem to feel a great need to find new ways to participate in conversations, in communities, in our democracies, that can help point us toward a better future. This site is the outcome of one of those ongoing conversations.

We’re not sure exactly what the site will become, but the thrust of it is crystal clear. We’re here to do what we can to help bring people together and nudge society forward. Our interests are diverse, so there will probably be posts on a wide array of topics, but the common threads of togetherness, community, and progress will be there. (Call me out if you think I stray¬†from that focus.)

I’m pessimistic as all get out about our current trajectory, but wildly optimistic about where we can go. But we won’t get there by accident.

If that’s of interest, grab your work boots.¬†

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